Saturday, September 1, 2007

Summary Saturday...

Thanks to a couple of my faithful readers, I have decided to do summary Saturdays with a summary of our week and pictures. Maybe this will help me be more faithful in taking pictures (maybe:).

This week has been a busy one. Victor preached out of Malachi again on Sunday. This week he'll be preaching his last message on Malachi before he gets a couple weeks break from teaching. We're hoping to use the time to get some things done that have kind of piled up a little. Once he starts up again, he'll be speaking on his views on missions. I'm looking forward to this :).

Monday was little Seth's birthday. I can't believe he's already six years old (or that Joseph will be seven in October:). Monday I spent most of the day at mom and dad's house. I had some laundry that needed to be done, so I got that started and then Angie and I swam in the pool for a while with Matthew. I have been having quite a problem with a sciatic nerve in my right leg, and it's been causing me a lot of pain. I had read on the internet, that swimming is supposed to help somewhat, and it did seem to help for a couple of days. I think I would need to do it more faithfully for it to work totally. I've had problems with it again the last few days.

Tuesday, I spent around the house cleaning and resting. Dad and a few of the boys came over Tuesday afternoon to work on our bedroom. They installed a closet and shelving in our bedroom, cause there wasn't any. I have pictures at the bottom, cause they finished it later in the week.

Once Victor got home, we took Seth out to Burger King to celebrate his birthday. He had a lot of fun...

After we ate, we took him shopping with us. He said he had a very fun night!!

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Dad and the boys finished our room and I'm really enjoying the added storage space.

If you can imagine (I forgot to take before pictures) there used to just be a plain wall there. They added the center wall and the closet and shelving. We're still moving back in, so it's not totally organized, but we're getting there.

Some more renovations are being planned for our little place, so hopefully I'll remember to take some before pictures.

Today was mostly spent around the house, getting ready for company tomorrow. I never totally cleaned and organized when we moved in here, so I'm working to try and get all that done.

Well, I need to go. My to-do list still isn't complete...

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