Thursday, August 30, 2007

A new blog schedule...

Usually I either can't think of anything to post. Or I have so many ideas that I just don't know where to start. So... to help myself out a little:) I'm going to start blogging with a "schedule".

It'll hopefully go something like this:
Musical Monday's -- I'm hoping to start reviewing Cd's
Transformation Tuesday's-- Household Decorating/improvement ideas
"Word's of Wisdom" Wednesday -- inputs from older women
Thoughtful Thursday's -- Gift ideas, ways to bless others around you
Free Friday's -- I usually go into work with Victor on Friday's, so I may not even get to post...
(Any ideas for Saturday? Please leave it in a response to this post, and I'll consider each one)
Spiritual Sunday's - Devotional, bible thought, something from Vic!!!, etc.

Let me know what you think? Hopefully this will help me be a little more faithful in this. I'm hoping to start this on Monday. Feel free to leave feedback. It's always appreciated!!



The Couch Family said...

Hey Beth!

Something you could do for Saturdays is: tell about stuff you did through out the week, maybe you went to y'alls family's house or you tried a new recipe and loved it. Just an idea!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Bethany - I like your ideas for posting regularly!! A winner for me, and quite creative. You probably know about Biblical Womanhood's "Frugal Fridays" - I've also heard of "Thankful Thursdays" - just to talk about things you are thankful for. Sometimes that might would be easier than having to come up with new gift or household things each week... Anyhow, for Saturdays - you could do something lilke "Summary Saturdays" - okay, that's not too catchy maybe. But you get the idea, sort of like Miranda said, to sum up the whole week really quick, maybe throwing in a picture. Sorry to be so long here. Thanks also for letting me email you, I got your address from Miranda and want to email you soon! Take care and have a blessed Lord's Day, In Christ, Ruth Ann