Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Piece of Advice from Thomas Watson (posted by Victor)

"I beseech you, keep your constant hours every day with God. The godly man is a man 'set apart,' Ps. 4:3, not only because God has set him apart by election, but because he has set himself apart by devotion. Begin the day with God, visit God in the morning before you make any other visit. Wind up your hearts toward heaven in the morning, and they will go the better all the day after. O turn your houses into temples. Read the Scriptures. The two Testaments are the two lips by which God speaks to us; these will make you wise unto salvation. The Scripture is both a glass to show you your spots, and a laver to wash them away. Besiege heaven every day with prayer; thus perfume your houses, and keep a constant intercourse with heaven."
(Taken from Watson's sermon entitled "Parting Counsels" in Sermons of the Great Ejection, one of my favorite books.)

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