Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some quick pics...

At Victor's encouragement, I'm going to post some pictures from our visit to the Natural Bridge Caverns yesterday. We enjoyed ourselves, and Victor got some really good pics. He also got a few pictures that included my belly, so all you who have been wanting a good pic will get one now!!
I hope to post more on Saturday during my overview, but I'll post most of the pictures now!!

Outside the entrance to the cave

Now inside the cave (note my big eyes, the flash was super bright:)

A beautiful shot in one of the rooms.

Another beautiful shot at one of the auqifer "pools". It was even prettier in real life.

Victor really was there, it was just that he had the camera most of the time, so I was usually the one in front of the camera and he was behind. But I did get this one shot.

This huge room looked almost like a picture you would see in a fairy tale book. It was much more beautiful in real life though!!

Here's a shot from our 100 foot climb upwards!! It didn't look doable from the bottom, but we managed to do it:)

Here I am again... this time I'm sitting down to rest after the long climb up out of the cave. You can see my protruding belly pretty well here!!


Anonymous said...

Bethany - thanks for sharing the pictures!!! It looks like y'all had a lot of fun, exercise and just being together. Pictures are so fun - and especially seeing your 'belly' pictures. :) God Bless, Ruth Ann

The Couch Family said...

Nice pictures Beth!

Love ya,

Susan said...

Very nice pictures and you look great!