Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WOW! I've passed the half way mark and I'm into the second half of my pregnancy!! That's almost hard to believe. Time is going by SO fast!

Last week was quite busy with preparing food for our pastor's daughter's reception. It went well, but I was a little worn out by the end. I think I'm a little recovered now:)

Yesterday, I went to mom and dad's house to do laundry and got the menu and shopping list for this week done. Then, last night Victor and I went shopping. I was able to do some bargin shopping at a few different stores, and really enjoyed that (I'm new to all that, so it's fun and exciting).

Today promises to be busy as well. I need to wash my hair (it seems to need it more often now that I'm pregnant), I hope to get some house cleaning done as well as some sewing. I'm quickly outgrowing all of my clothes and need to make some new ones pretty quick!!

So... I'm off to get started on my busy day.


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Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

what kind of bargin shopping? :-)
Dont even get me started on this. hehe
Rachael my sis in law calls me the coupon queen.. sigh..

Tell us of your good deals. :D we love to hear that!