Thursday, August 16, 2007

A day with the family...

Yesterday, I went with my family to see a Brother in our church off. He's headed to India, and we have a family tradition that we always go see him (and his family when they go) off.

After we saw him off, we went out to China Sea for a special treat. That's one of my favorite Chinese restaurants!! And... I remembered my camera, and was able to capture some real sweet pictures!!

My absolutely adorable dinner companion:)

Watermelon was definitely his favorite (that and the jello:)

My very young parents (they don't look old enough to have two grankids do they?)

"Oh PLEASE can I have another dessert?!?!?"

Daniel telling me something... and Angie just being photogenic as always:)

My dear sister and I... we'll always be friends!!

After eating, we went shopping. I had to go to HEB to get some items for Saturday and Angie, Caleb and Matthew accompanied me. Matthew is SO cute and says some of the cutest things:) I love little ones!!!


The Couch Family said...

It looks like y'all had a fun time! The picture of you and Angie turned out really well.

Miss y'all,

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany,
I tried leaving a comment the other day and for some reason it didn't go through...anyway, I check in to see how y'all are doing from time to time! Congratulations on the baby news! We aren't too many months apart.:-)