Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prayer request...

I would like to ask for prayer for a family in our church who was in a major accident on Sunday night on their way home from church. They were stopped at a light not too far from their home, and a highly intoxicated man in an F-150 hit them from behind without any indication that he tried to stop. The two girls were airlifted to a local hospital, and the mother and son were taken by ambulance to the same hospital. All seem to be stable, although one of the daughters is having surgery today to wire her jaw and put plates and screws in her cheek bone. Yesterday, her face was so swollen that she couldn't open her eye.

Please pray for this family during this time. Having been through four accidents myself I know the truma associated with them (especially when there are substantial injuries).

You can see a news report on what happend by going to this link http://www.ksat.com/video/13927202/index.html

Thank you in advance for your prayers. I'll try to keep you all up to date.


MortonClan said...

We will be praying for them for healing and help!

Cathy said...

We will be praying. We remember this family from when they attended the work that used to be in Floresville. We used to do home school stuff with them, and had been in their home for supper one night. I even goat-sat for them one weekend!

If you see them, please tell them that the Newton family sends their hugs and their prayers.