Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy birthday and a whole lot else...

Monday was the birthday of my now six year old brother, Seth. I was able to spend a good deal of the day over at mom and dad's house, as I had some laundry to do, and wanted to spend some time in general with the family.

It turned out to be a very enjoyable day. I got some laundry started, and then Angie and I went out and swam in the pool. It was a wonderful workout, and I didn't feel it till later that night:) It also seemed to help with my sciatic nerve (which has been giving me a terrible time).

Victor came straight to mom and dad's house after work to join us for dinner. We had a fun time playing Dutch Blitz with some of the boys while dinner was being made.

Tuesday, I had a pretty slow day. I was feeling totally great. Dad and some of the boys came in the afternoon to work on some things around the apartment. The closet they're building in our room is really coming along nicely and I'm looking forward to using it.

After Victor got home from work, we took Seth out to Burger King for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Then we went shopping and got groceries and a few other things. Victor got me the items I needed to plant the beautiful flowers he gave me in a bigger container!! He's so sweet and thoughtful. We then went to La Fiesta to do our grocery shopping. We'd never been there, but found that we really like it. They have quite a few sales, in store coupons, etc. and the people are super friendly. We will probably start doing our shopping there!!

Today has been kind of slow. Part of that may be the weather, I don't know. I almost feel like I'm coming down with something, but I don't want to believe that:)

Our little one has been super active as of late. Especially when I sit still for a long time I feel quite a bit of movement. I can't wait for the sonogram on the 8th!! Oh how exciting!!

Well, I have a pretty good sized to-do list, and I'm moving slower than usual today, so I'd better get going on it:)


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