Monday, June 4, 2007

A quick update...

Here is an excerpt from a letter that I just sent to my sister in law to try to let her know what we've been up to, so I decided to pass it along to y'all as well...

This past weekend has been a total whirlwind for me, and still being in the first trimester, I'm still recovering:) Friday afternoon, mom came to pick me up with Angie and some of the younger guys after groceries and took me home to watch the children, while she and daddy went to a victorian Bed and Breakfast where we'd rented them a room for their anniversary. Victor then came straight from work to the house where we spent the rest of the evening with my siblings. It was fun. Matthew wasn't feeling very good, though and only wanted me. He ended up sleeping with me at night and I was up a good deal of the night with him.

Saturday morning, Victor got up and took Caleb and Daniel to the men's prayer meeting at church. The rest of us stayed at the house and had breakfast and cleaned up some. After Victor and the boys got home, we all played Dutch Blitz till mom and dad got home.

After they got home, we visited a little, had lunch and then went up north to my midwives appointment. We were hoping to hear a heart beat, but they told us we'd have to wait till the next appointment. They did do a sonagram to try and see the baby, but they said I had a really strong and tight ab muscle in the way:( That was a little discouraging to not hear or see the baby, but I know they're in there:)

Church yesterday was a blessing. Victor taught in the first service on the armor and I was SO blessed. He spoke about the girddle of truth. He said that just like a real girddle, truth should surround us and hold us together against satan's lies.
Then Pastor Kyle preached on Luke 20:19-26 on Jesus being challenged about the tax issue. He did a wonderful job of bringing out our responsibility to give unto God what we owe.

We spent the afternoon with the family, and I was able to rest a little (after a couple of exhausting days). In the evening, we had the Lord's supper. Pastor's message beforehand, was such a blessing. He was speaking on Hebrews 12. He brought out the fact that sin in our lives, even hidden sin that no one knows about, will hinder us from being all that we need to be for Christ. That is so true, and I've expierienced that in my own life at times. Last night was a blessing to me more so than usual.

Today, I was so tired that I rested most of the morning. Last night was rough. When we got home from church (we had to stay late to set up our classrooms for VBS which starts tonight) there was a really strong storm. It was a little scary driving down JacksonKeller, because the wind was really strong and was blowing wierd objects all over the road and into our car. It look like a hurricane or tornado. Once we got home, we ate dinner and went to bed. I was feeling really sick to my stomache though, and was having a hard time falling asleep. At around mid-night, the power in our complex went out, and everything went pitch black. We're not used to losing power here in the states, so we weren't as prepared as we should have been, and couldn't find the flashlight or anything to light a candle with. A couple of our neighbors got in their cars and left (it was still storming really bad). Because the power wasn't working, we didn't have AC either. The heat made me really nauseated. Thankfully, that didn't last long and the power came back on. Victor was a sweetheart and got up and got me water and turned that AC on again. I suppose that's good preparation for Malawi, huh?

Well, I still have some preparation to do for VBS which starts tonight. Just wanted to keep y'all up to date as far as what we've been up to:)


The Couch Family said...

Hey Beth,

I hope you get to feeling better soon! I'm sure it's tuff trying to get stuff done and being too tired to do it. I wish I was down there to help you!

I will always remember the Dutch Blitz games!!! They were so much fun!!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

do you wear pants now that your married? or do you still believe in only skirts