Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just a little something...

Sorry for taking so long to post. I'm slowly learning about being pregnant and growing to accept the fact that I need to take it easy. I've been doing pretty good to do the basics lately, but haven't had much time for posting.

The first couple of days this week were tough... I had a hard time keeping anything down, and Victor and I were both a little concerned, but yesterday God gave me amazing strength!! I was able to go to church, and this morning I was stronger than I'd been in a long time. I'm hoping this continues:)

We've worked a little on Victor teaching me Chichewa, but because of feeling sick and weak, we haven't made too much progress. We've had fun looking at pictures of Malawi and reading info about it and things like that, though as well as keeping in touch with his family. I'm really looking forward to the day we will return to Malawi to serve!

Well... I'm going to close for now. I need to save some energy for errands this afternoon:)