Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recent Pics

Here are some recent pics of the girls. They are growing up so quickly.
1.Rachel has taken to climbing lately. Her favorite thing is to climb on to the outside of her walker and try to flip in. Putting her in it is something else, though:)
2.Rachel with Grandma Maxson a week or so ago when we went to visit. She seems to be doing a little better since grandpa died.
3.Daddy reading to his girls while mommy makes dinner. They LOVE their time with daddy in the evenings.
4.While trying to pack and having this little one be super clingy, I bundled her up and put her right next to me so she could sleep near me one day.
5. And of course the other two want to be near mommy right now as well:)

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Morgan Family said...

Sweet pictures...
Praying for y'all!