Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Newsletter

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for praying for guidance and the will of God in our
lives! God has had a good purpose for our time here in Florida, and
it has been a blessing to be with the church here and my extended
family. We were greatly saddened by my grandfather's passing in early
March, but it was also a great blessing to be with the family at that

It has been my desire to be involved in ministry ever since I came to
Florida, and I have been looking out for opportunities, and praying
for guidance. On May 20th, I was getting off the truck at work and
slipped and broke my arm. This put me out of commission for several
weeks and gave me a lot of time to pray and think about things.
During this time the Lord reminded me of the need of a church plant up
in Griswold, Iowa, where my in-laws live. This is really the only
place where we had a Macedonian call. I spent some time in prayer
over this, and then wrote my father in law about our thoughts. They
have been meeting regularly for Bible studies with another family. He
said that just that week they were considering starting up a church
and looking for a pastor. We were encouraged to see God's hand of
providence guiding us in this direction. Griswold, Iowa is a small
rural town in southwest Iowa not far from Omaha, Nebraska. It is my
plan to lead a Calvinistic Baptist church plant there. My last day of
work is the 15th of July and we plan to move up there on July 25th,
God willing.

As I look forward to this great undertaking, I realize my own
unworthiness and inability to really do anything to advance God's
kingdom apart from His grace. Please pray for us! We need grace
against Satan's attacks. We need great grace to persevere and for
fruit for our labors. I plan to get a job when up there to support my
family, so please also pray for an opening there. We will look
forward to updating you again in the future.

Thank you for your prayers.

Yours in Jesus' name,
Victor and Bethany Maxson

1 comment:

Morgan Family said...

We're excited to see how God has answered our prayer and look forward to seeing what He'll do as you start a work in Griswold!

We have enjoyed having y'all here. We'll continue to pray for y'all!

God bless each of you...
-Charity for all of the fam =)