Monday, October 5, 2009

Recent pictures from the Maxsons ...

Here are some recent pictures from the Maxson family here in Malawi.
1. Hannah likes to carry Sarah on her shoulders, and Sarah likes it just as much! (Of course we have to hold on to her!)
2. Here's a really recent family picture (we took it yesterday at the baptism)
3.The church had a baptism yesterday and Victor baptized three guys. Charles was first.
4.Jonathan was second.
5. And Mike was third. (as you can see, they had not treated the pool even though the guy told us that the green was from chimicals.)
6.Hannah after the baptism.
7.Mada holding Sarah. The girls at the church love to hold her.
8.Hannah and Sarah in matching outfits. I made Sarah's and Aunt Joy made Hannah's. I also made myself a purple jumper in the same basic pattern (you can see it in the family picture).
9.Two little sisters that really love each other!
10.Sarah's rolling and pushing up and wanting to crawl anytime. She can also sit up by herself some, but she's not real stable. She's working on getting her third tooth as well.
11. Our beautiful daughter is growing up quite quickly. She loves to run and play and read books and wash dishes and play in the dirt:P What a joy she is to us!
I'll try to write some more about what we're up to soon!


Jenifer said...

I noticed your purple jumper right off and thought how pretty it was and then I saw the girls' pictures and they are just too precious!!!

What a blessing to have 3 baptisms! God is so good and faithful. Thank you so much for serving Him in Malawi!

The Couch Family said...

Wow!!! The girls are growing up so fast!!! We are excited to find out Mom is having another little boy towards the end of January!

Hope ya'll are doing well!!!

Much Love,
Miranda Couch