Monday, September 1, 2008

A quick update...

Just a quick update... we've been without internet for the last week or so, so thus the lack of posts. We were in Ohio for a week and really enjoyed ourselves. I'll give more details when I have more time. From there, we went to Michigan to share with Alton Bible Church yesterday. We stayed with a sweet family in the church who runs a dairy farm we were able to go see the farm and really enjoyed that. On Sunday we enjoyed lunch with the Benjamins. They were a sweet family with lots of little ones that Hannah enjoyed playing with. As usual, I forgot pictures!

From here, this morning we're headed to Indianapolis on our way down to Texas to help my family move. When we stay at a hotel, I'll try to upload some pictures and write a little more about our stay in Ohio.

Just wanted to update ya'll...


Lady Ruth Ann said...

Hi Bethany!! I'm glad that your trip is going well. I hope that you are feeling well with the pregnancy and all... That's nice that you can be down there to help your family move - are they moving somewhere in TX or out of state?

Talk to you soon!

~ Ruth Ann

The Couch Family said...

Hey Beth!!!

Sorry we missed ya'll while yas was up here. I didn't know ya'll were comin and we didn't make it to church Wednesday night. I got to hear it from Mrs. M. that ya'll had showed up!!! Oh well, maybe next time!!! Hope ya'll are doin well!!!

Love ya,

Glidewell Family said...

The girls always loved the Stuart dairy farm their favorite thing to do was rent a kitten. We would always take home a kitten for a week and return it to the farm. This kept the girls satisfied for pets when we couldn't have any. We don't know the Benjamins haven't met them they must be new to Alton.