Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From Sweltering Texas to Breezy Iowa

Lately our updates have been sporadic due to our extreme busy-ness, and the scarcity of good internet connection along the way. Now for a long overdue post . . .

Our time in Indiana was short but special. We stayed with the Johnson family. Michael Johnson is a pastor of a Baptist church south of Indianapolis, and we were humbled and blessed by their hospitality. We left early in the morning and got as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we stayed at a sort of run down Howard Johnson, which was fairly reasonable.

Leaving Oklahoma early the next morning, we arrived at Beth's parents home in San Antonio late Wednesday night, September 3rd. We spent a busy week with Bethany's family, helping them pack, and prepare to move. Some highlights of the time were as follows:

Sing Along at Sid Sytsma's house
On Friday, September 5th, we had a sing along at Sid's place, with the Shorts, the Wallaces, the Walkers, Carolyn Christian, Ruth Helms, and Chance Winberry. It was very special to spend time with friends and worship God together.

Baptism at Fredricksburg Christian Fellowship
Sunday, Sept. 7th, we attended the baptism service at FCF which was held at the Clarks house in Boerne. Bethany's brothers, Seth and Joseph, were two of the ones baptized. It was a beautiful setting to testify to one's faith in Christ, and we were encouraged as various ones stood forward sharing their personal testimonies with the group.

Travel to Iowa
On Wednesday, Sept. 10th, we left Texas for Iowa sometime in late morning. The last couple days had been full of packing the two 26' Penske trucks the Turacks had secured to move their belongings. Finally all was cleaned and packed, and closing date on the house had come! Mom and Dad Turack went up to the north of town to sign papers as we finished up some details at the house. We followed later and made a big caravan, with a 15 passenger van and trailer, and two huge trucks pulling a car each. John Hamilton and his wife Connie joined us, and helped with driving one of the trucks. We spent the night in southern Oklahoma, and then headed up to Iowa. The second day was really long as we had a breakdown in Pryor, OK, and it took about 3-4 hours to get the truck fixed! Praise the Lord for His great mercies! We were totally exhausted but happy to be there when we got in at 1 in the morning!

Now we have been helping unpack and work on the "new" house Mom and Dad got, which actually is an old farmhouse which needs a lot of repair. We have been able to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa and the family which is very special.

Our plans are to leave on Thursday and spend some time with my grandparents in CO before heading back to FL.

We appreciate ya'lls prayers!

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Ruth Ann said...

glad y'all are having a great time!!!