Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our little girl's growing up...

It's really fun watching our little girl grow up. Below are some pictures of her doing some of her favorite activities of late.

Hannah has come to really enjoy her "tummy time" as you can see by the smile on her face.

Another favorite time is bath time!!

Here's Hannah "helping" with the laundry.
When Hannah gets sleepy, she folds her hands and slowly drifts off. It's SO cute!

She also likes to stand with some help from Daddy.
And last but not least, here's our newest blogger!!!


Muddy said...

My daughter is 17 and named Hannah also.

Your daughter is a cutie pie. I love the one of her in front of the computer. They learn so early dont they ? ;) LOL

Anders said...

These pictures are so cute. Hannah is getting so big! She has grown so much just since y'all came to Florida!
Btw, I love your new header!

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Hannah is SO CUTE!!! :) She reminds me a lot of my sister Sarah (who is now almost 17!!) She looks like she is really getting to a "fun age". (although you know all ages are "fun ages" but I mean where they start smiling and *talking* a lot more! It's so exciting...thanks for all the pictures, it's a blessing to see Hannah grow up!!

Ruth Ann