Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lots of helpful tips...

I've had many helpful tips passed on to me recently, so I thought I'd share them here.

1. Back in February, a fellow "new mom" shared this tip with me. When the baby does a messy and gets it on her clothes, there's a way to keep from having yucky yellow stains for the life of that piece of clothing. Take the item off and put Shout on it.

2. We tried cloth diapers for a while, and people kept saying I know they'll look yucky, but don't bleach them cause they'll wear out sooner. So, I got to thinking... if Shout works for ookies on clothes, why not diapers. I tried putting some on after I cleaned the diaper and before I put it in the diaper pail, and guess what!!! It worked!!! No stain and it won't wear out as fast!!!

3. When planning a menu one week, I had hamburgers and hot dogs planned for two different meals. Since there are only two of us eating, instead of buying hamburger buns AND hotdog buns, I decided to just buy hot dog buns. Then when we had the hamburgers, I simply made long and thin hamburgers. It worked perfect!
Hope these tips help... Be sure and check out my two giveaways here and here.


Lisa said...

Thanks for this post. We use Shout, too. When we had babies in the house, we'd keep one of the smaller containers that has the brush on the end of it, at the changing table. That way we could apply the stain remover even before the clothes entered the hamper. :)

Mom2fur said...

That Shout stuff is great, isn't it? Trust me, you'll be using it long after the baby isn't a baby!
And 'burger dogs' is a very funny idea!

Sonshine said...

I should try to make burgers-long and thin! I think my kids would get a kick out of it. :) Thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

Sonshine said...

I should try to make burgers-long and thin! I think my kids would get a kick out of it. :) Thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

Melonie said...

I have no idea what's in Shout, and since I try to be pretty green, I really wonder sometimes. But I'm on my third kiddo using it successfully so I basically don't CARE any more. *chuckle* It works wonders, for sure!

I do try to save on Shout by picking up one spray bottle and then getting the big refill bottles and making good use of my Shout-only funnel. (That way I don't get it mixed with anything food-related in the kitchen drawer.)

I've tried Spray n Wash and other stain removers over the years but I've always come back to Shout. Now I don't bother with anything but, no matter if the other brands are on sale.

CanCan said...

I have used cloth diapers for 3 years now, and the only stain that won't come out is zinc oxide diaper rash cream.
I just scrub the poo stains with a regular bar of white soap. You might want to try that if it is cheaper. Probably not easier though!

Cathy said...

For yellow diaper stains, there is a cheaper way if you can do it where you live: the clothesline, on a sunny day. The sun takes those yellow stains right out. After the baby starts solids, however, the sun doesn't work so well. But after ten children, I stopped caring whether clothes are stained or not, unless it's their Sunday clothes. I'd be putting Shout on everything with all the boys I have!

Kathi said...

Those who are trying to "go green" might want to try borax. It is all natural. I used it when my 2 were babies and never had problems w/ cloth diapers staininng and most of those went through 2 kids. You can find a box in the laundry aisle. You just put 1/2 c in the diaper pail soak and another half cup when you run the load.