Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Victor and Bethany Maxson's Mission to Malawi Newsletter

Dear friends and family and brothers and sisters in Christ,
Eleven years ago, in 1997, my father Frank Maxson first stepped foot on African soil. He spent several days preaching and then felt a burden to return to Africa as a full-time missionary to teach and preach the gospel and plant and establish churches. This led to the Maxson tribe of eleven people going over to Africa in 1999, and resulted in a total of five blessed years in Africa for me, a great part of which was spent laboring with my father. Those were years of growth and learning, where I learned more about the Word of God, the Malawian people, their language and culture, and the heart of mankind in general. The Lord also provided me a wife during this time. I met Bethany in 2005 when she came with a mission team to visit our family, and the Lord has now given me almost one year of marriage with the love of my life, and blessed us with a darling child, Hannah Faith.

The Lord has now laid it on my heart to return to Malawi as a family and work with my father who is in Malawi now. The harvest truly is plenteous in Malawi. As far as we know, Grace Baptist Church is the only Baptist church holding faithfully to the doctrines of grace in Malawi. Our analysis of the religious situation in Malawi is that it is miles wide but only inches deep. Formalism, Pentecostalism, Arminianism and other false doctrines rule the day. Malawi is still in bondage to the darkness of witchcraft and traditional religion, which has even influenced those in the professing church. However, it is our desire to teach the true Gospel of our sovereign Savior, which alone has the power to deliver men from Satan and provide a sure foundation for the church. Our goals are as follows:
Preach and teach the gospel faithfully in the nation of Malawi.
Assist in the establishment of Grace Baptist Church in Zomba.
Assist in the training of Malawi's future spiritual leaders.
Plant other churches in other places in Malawi.

As many of you know, we have been praying for the right local church in the United States to be our sending church who will put their blessing on our work in Malawi. Acts 13 reveals the important role a local church has as the sending agent to put their blessing on a missionary's labors and to hold him accountable to the truth, as the church in Antioch did for the apostle Paul. Praise the Lord for His provision! Faith Baptist Tabernacle of Williston, FL, pastored by Richard Harding, has agreed to do this for us. They will be our home church of contact and accountability. We are very thankful for this blessing!

What's up with us right now? Currently, we are packing. Our plans are to move in with my in-laws here in Elmendorf for the remainder of March, as we visit several churches in the area. In early April we plan to move to the Williston, FL area where we plan to spend several months working and preparing for Malawi.

Please pray for the following matters:
For strength, wisdom and grace to fulfill the ministry God has called me to.
For provision of the needed monthly support to serve in Malawi.
For the work in Malawi to grow and prosper.

While in the States we are available to speak in churches about this work God has called us to. Please contact us at maxsonblog@yahoo.com if you would like us to visit your church or if you would like to receive more information about our ministry.

May the Lord bless you all richly. We deeply appreciate your prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Victor Maxson and family

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Lady Ruth Ann said...

Victor, Bethany & Hannah - I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts & prayers as you follow the Lord in His leading. It was great to see & meet you the other week - and I pray that you remain safe in all of your travels. Trust in the Lord at all times!

In Christ,
~ Ruth Ann