Friday, February 22, 2008

A Note on the Mission to Malawi from Victor

As many of you know, the Lord has put a burden on my heart to return to Malawi and work in the ministry with my father, Frank Maxson, and Pastor Percy Chisenga from Zambia. A new church, Grace Baptist Church, has been established in the old capital city of Zomba, Malawi, and it is our desire to help establish that church in the Word of Christ, training leaders to take over the work from us, and to then go on to other places to establish churches in other needy areas of Malawi. As far as we know, this is the only work in Malawi that is both sovereign grace and Baptistic. I was blessed to have a part in the planting of this church a couple years ago with my dad, and look eagerly to the time we will return and join hands again in the work there. We believe that team leadership is biblical, and that a father/son team can be a great tool in ministry for the glory of God. I cannot think of anyone I would like to work with more than my father and his co-laborer, Percy Chisenga.

Part of my reason for this trip to FL has been to meet with the people of Faith Baptist Tabernacle and ask them to be our sending church to put their blessing on our work. Missions as worked out in the book of Acts was local church based. We believe that we need the accountability and support that comes from a local church in the States standing behind our work with their word and blessing. We praise the Lord for a good reception at Faith Baptist and look forward to hearing a definite answer to our request this upcoming week.

Our plan is to return to Texas and visit several churches and then pack up and move out to Florida where we hope to spend about 6 months working and visiting churches letting them know about the work God has called us to in Malawi.

We would ask you to please pray for us. Please remember the following things in prayer:


Praise the Lord for a great trip so far and that we had a good reception at Faith Baptist. Our request for their blessing is being considered, and an anonymous donor pledged $12,000 and another $1,000 was given for the mission.

Please Pray

Please pray that sufficient monthly support would come in for this little family.
Please pray for wisdom and grace as we prepare.
Please pray for spiritual empowerment for sharing with the churches and as we anticipate encountering the wiles of the Devil, who is not in support of this project.
Please pray for the people of Malawi and Grace Baptist Church.

I plan to post on our family blog here at least once a week to keep you all informed on the progress of this ministry. So please stay tuned . . .

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