Monday, December 31, 2007

No baby yet:)

For those who are wondering, no, there's no baby yet:) Please pray for me as you think of me. Yesterday morning I woke up with a flu bug and couldn't keep anything down. I'm doing much better today, but still quite weak (not a good thing with labor starting any day!).

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers,


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

I had heard someone else had a flu to
who went to Ruth's wedding. SO hope we dont get it here. :-(
Hope you get your strength back.

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Bethany - I'll be sure to think of & pray for you. Thank you for the updates on 'progress or no progress' - at least we know how you're doing. Oh goodness, I hope you get over this flu thing all the way soon - that isn't fun anyway, but being pregnant I'm sure would makem it worse.

God bless you & Happy New Year!

Ruth Ann

Jenifer said...

Will be praying!

Lady Ruth Ann said...

there is a baby now!!! Joy just sent me an email. I can't wait for the announcement and pictures!!! :) CONGRATULATIONS. I'm sure you are so happy!

Praise the Lord...

Ruth Ann