Friday, September 7, 2007

Frugal Friday's...

This is my first time to do this, so hopefully everything will work like it's supposed to:)

I've been finding lots of free things lately, as well as some things that cost a little, but are worth every penny. I'm going to list them out below so that you can enjoy them with me! Just be sure to open them in a new window, so that you can see all of the ones I have listed.

SUPERMARKET SAVINGS This is a course you won't regret taking. The e-books themselves are worth every penny, but you will also learn wonderful money saving techniques. I HIGHLY recommend this course!!

Also, here are some neat links I've found recently:

Season Delights This magazine is free if you sign up before the end of September... it's wonderful!! - A wonderful website with tons of free recipes!!

Hope you enjoy each of these sites as much as I did. Also, check out Crystal's blog for more frugal ideas!!!

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