Saturday, September 8, 2007

For those who are dying to know....

We had our midwife appointment today, and they did a sonogram. However, we were unsucessful in determing either the gender or how many little one(s) there might be. It was a little frusterating, but we'll try again next time.

So.... there you have it. You know as much as we do. I did get to see a really cute profile of the baby's face. It was so precious!! I wish we had gotten a picture so we could share, but we didn't... Sorry!!

Another highlight of our day, was that we found and bought a car. It's really nice and I enjoyed driving it in town. It's a 2001 Ford Escort with really low miles and a nice interior/exterior. I'll try to post pictures this week.

Well, I need to close for now. Sorry I didn't post my usual. We were in town most of the day and wore ourselves out and we still have some things to do before bed.

So until later...



Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

So sry you didnt get to see what your little one is. :-(
So possibly only one?
Thats nice that you got a car! It is wonderfull to have something to get you around. :-) I am enyoing my newly owned car myself! :-D

sarahdodson said...

Sorry it didn't work out the way you'd planned:( We're HOPING to find out what we're having tomorrow. Maybe we'll have more success than you:) Glad to hear baby's well!

The Couch Family said...

Awe!!! That's too bad you couldn't see what the baby is. :( Maybe next time! That is SO cool ya'll got a new car! Hopefully I'll have a job here in the next few weeks (the little things are going through right now) and I can save up and get one! Anyway, hope you have a great week!

Love ya,

MortonClan said...

Hello, dear Bethany!
So glad to hear you and baby are well! Looking forward to hearing more about the sweet little Bun!!
And that is so wonderful about y'all getting a new car! How exciting...Hope it lives long and works well for ya'!
God bless!
Adeline (for all the Mortons in GA :)