Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow much fun!!!

The snow has come (finally) and the girls are loving it. I enjoy the beauty of it, but I've sort of outgrown the excitement of playing in it (although I will admit that I gave in and let Victor pull me down the hill on a sled; the girls enjoyed that more than I did:).

Here are some pics of the girls enjoying the cold whiteness.
Hannah enjoying a headband ear-warmer I knit for her. She loves it!

Sarah holding Rachel on the sled!

Victor was helping the girls build a "snow house" here. Sarah (who has been longing for the warmer weather) kept insisting that it was a pool (much to the frustration of an older sister who said that it would be too cold!).

Hannah and Sarah enjoying their "Snow house". They had their gloves off to enjoy a snack daddy brought out.

The snowman the girls helped Victor build!


Morgan Family said...

Sweet pictures--thank you for taking time to post! The snow looks beautiful!


Morgan Family said...

Cute pictures! Hannah's headband/ear warmer is really cute!