Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More visit pictures...

1. The four Maxson cousins with matching outfits from Aunt Joy.
2. Hannah letting Sarah smell a flower.
3. "Here these smell more!"
4. Sister secrets... how sweet.
5. Hannah
6. Sarah
7.Hannah and Sarah's "car" that they use to drive to Shoprite, Sana and the market:)
8.I loved this picture of Sarah! She'll be walking soon I'm sure.
9.Hannah and Paul get along pretty well, most of the time.


The Morgan Family said...

The little girls are all so cute! Looks like ya'll had a great time w/ Ben and Kim!

The Anders said...

Cute! Your girls are so adorable! The pictures of everyone together are so nice.

Susan said...

I loved seeing these pictures! It looks like everyone enjoyed your visitors. The matching outfits Joy made are SO cute! And your girls are getting so big. They are beautiful.
Congratulations on the new one on the way! :) We're happy for y'all and will be praying for a smooth pregnancy for you.