Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maxson family new year update...

Just wanted to give a little Maxson Family Update along with a few recent pictures.
As a family, we're doing well. We had a wonderful time in the states and came back feeling refreshed. What a wonderful time of seeing family and friends and hearing God's truth presented.     
Victor is doing well. The ministry here keeps him busy, but he still manages to find time to play with the girls and spend quality time with the family. He is beginning to be the coordinator for the Sovereign Grace Theological Seminary here in Malawi. He also teaches at church each week, disciples two young men in our home and teaches church history once a month at a mens leadership seminar. 
Hannah is growing up quickly. She turned two on January second, and ever since, has seemed to start growing up even faster. She is trying to talk and has quite a little vocabulary that she can use. She loves taking care of "la-la" (Sarah) and making sure she doesn't get into any trouble (one of her favorite phrases is "no-no, la-la"). She also loves playing dress up with shoes, scarves, a purse, dollies and anything else she thinks she needs (play phone, gift card, etc.).
She keeps mommy on her toes and loves to imitate me. She even asks me to tie her baby doll on her back some times like I do with Sarah. 
Sarah is also growing up quickly. She is crawling very well now and even pulls herself up on the furniture. She likes to try to copy whatever Hannah does even if it means crawling up the stairs behind her and into daddy's office. She is now working on her 8th tooth and really enjoys joining in eating at meals with us. She is generally quite joyful and a joy to be around.
And finally, God has been blessing me and working in my life. It's slow and painful at times, but I am willing for Him to do whatever it takes to make me more like Himself.
I am enjoying getting back into life here and seeking to be more efficient in my use of time and energy. Victor bought me a crock-pot for my birthday and I have been using it SO much. It's such a blessing to be able to throw everything in in the morning and have dinner done late afternoon. I've also been doing quite a bit of sewing for the house lately and I'll try to post some more pics of that when I'm done. Yesterday, I spent most of the day planting a garden with sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans, spinach, beets and squash. I'm hoping to get an herb garden in one of these days real soon with basil, dill, mustard, echinacea and a few others. Hopefully I'll get some return for my labors. I'm real new at this gardening thing.
Well, that's where we're at. Please continue to pray for us and the work here. Even though it is going fairly well, still there are many discouragements and trials. We love to hear from people as well, so please drop us a note...
1.Our little princess
2.Sarah playing dress up with Hannah. Notice the couch covers in the background. I made them to cover up some horrid red and brown plaid:)
3.Hannah playing mommy.
4.Hannah and Sarah playing in the laundry basket while mommy folds clothes.
5.Hannah playing dress up.
6. An adorable Sarah face. 

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Emily said...

Bethany, you and our family are in my prayers! I enjoy seeing pictures of your little girls and reading about what is going on in our life.