Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here are some recent pictures of us! As requested I've included some of the old folks as well as the girls!
1. Mommy carrying Sarah on her back Malawian style.
2-6. Some of Sarah's adorable faces.
7. Hannah in her princess dress that daddy bought her. 
8-9. Daddy with his girls having morning devotions.
10. Hannah feeding herself (a new favorite activity!)
11. Mommy and Sarah out in front of the house with our front yard in the background.

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Ruth Ann said...

Bethany, I love all the pictures, especially the ones of Sarah sitting in the chair! She's so adorable ~ I love her different expressions, and especially the one with her hand over her mouth. =) And Hannah is growing up so fast. Your family is so sweet.

Hope you have a blessed day! Thanks for sharing.