Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some recent pics...

Here are some recent pics!
1. Angie, your little niece takes after you... when mommy and daddy are busy, the best way to keep yourself happy is to find the baby powder and give your dolly a little powder bath:)
2. Here is a pic of the leadership training seminar that is hosted once a month.
3. Sarah loves to join us at the table, and Hannah loves for her to do that:) (Note daddy's arm behind Sarah:)
4.Here is our precious princess getting some beauty sleep. She is getting so big, and growing up so fast! We love her dearly...
5.And last but not least, here is our precious Hannah doing what she loves to do: copying mommy and pretending. Here she has set her "table" (the bottom step) and she's all ready to eat. One day last week, she and I had a "tea party lunch" at the coffee table since Victor wasn't able to come home for lunch. So was so grown up acting as she sat on a paint can at the coffee table and fed herself and drank a little every now and then, and then helped mommy clean the table afterwards. Such fun! And Sarah watched it all from the couch:)


Ruth Ann said...

Your little girlies are so cute...and growing up so fast. =) Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad to hear y'all are doing well.

sweetlymodest said...

That is so sweet about the Hannah copying you, Bethany. Sarah looks like a doll! Leah Carpenter

The Ulmer Family said...

What sweet little daughters you are blessed with!!
You do not know me, but your family has started attending our church this year and I've heard a lot about you from Angela.
It was fun to see pictures of you & your husband and girls and read more about your ministry in Africa!!

God Bless!