Sunday, October 5, 2008

From Iowa, we travelled to Colorado to visit with Victor's grandparents and Uncle Mark.
Here's a picture of them down in the Roper Canyon.
While in town, we also got to visit with Victor's Aunt Lois and her husband and Uncle Paul and his wife on Sunday. Hannah with Victor's Uncle Paul. She really took a liking to him.
We also got to see great sites like the Royal Gorge. Here Hannah was driving a train with some help from Daddy!
And here's a picture of us in the Roper Canyon. I hiked all the way down with Hannah on my back (Victor was carrying fencing) and then Victor carried her back up. As you can see, I gave up early this time and started wearing maternity clothes at twelve weeks. It's really just more comfy:)
Here is a picture of the Beulah United Methodist Church where Victor's Great-Great- Grandfather was a minister in the late 1800's. There's a lot of Roper history in these mountains and we enjoyed seeing it and hearing about it.


Ruth Ann said...

I LOVE that little church - it is so cute!! :)

and the family pic is cute too. when are you due, btw?

SmithFamily said...

Ahhh!Awesome! A new Maxson is coming! Praise the Lord! Alan and I are so excited for you all! What a precious blessing. I am so happy that those two little ones will get to to grow up close together . My boys are a year apart and they are becoming really good buddies! It is so fun. Three cheers!
What a precious family you are.
With Love, Katie Smith