Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our little girl is six months old today...

It's so hard to believe that six short months ago, we were holding our little girl in our arms for the first time and looking into her beautiful face. I don't have time to do a real long post, but I just wanted to post a few pictures, and I'll try to post more tomorrow. If you'd like to leave a comment for Hannah, I'll read it to her. I think she'd really like that:)
Six months ago...



Lady Ruth Ann said...

*so cute* !!!

ok, I'll leave a note :)

Dear Hannah,

What a beautiful young lady you are becoming! When you are older I am sure there will be many stories that you will hear of your young life and your parents meeting and all that. You have a blessed place in your family as the oldest child and big sister to those who, Lord willing, will come after you. Being a big sister isn't always easy, but it is a wonderful place to be, especially when God has so lovingly put you there!! Don't forget the story of Hannah in the Bible - and one of the qualities we know her by is that she was a praying woman. She loved the Lord and trusted that He would give her what was best for her. So, in 6 months you will be a year old, toddling around and learning so much more. Your parents will lovingly teach you about Jesus and His many sacrifices for you. Love Him with your whole heart Hannah - He has the best plans for your life!!

Happy 6 month birthday! :)

"Miss Ruth Ann" *smile*

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Cute pictures, it's hard to believe she's already 6 months old!