Thursday, July 3, 2008

Courtship story to be continued...

For those reading our courtship story, it will continue as soon as I can get a letter that is very important to the story.

See, I have it printed out... in storage in Texas with my parents. My dad has it on a computer... but it's packed in their hopes of moving. So... when I get the letter, I will continue:)

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Lady Ruth Ann said...

I'll try to be patient!! *grin* A letter...that sounds romantic? My brains are already trying to figure it all out - haha! I was thinking, it's probably a letter/email from Victor to your Dad?? Ok, I'll wait for the real thing, but am greatly interested!! That's probably something you'll want to put together in a keepsake/remembrance box!!

Oh!! We should see you Sunday as we'll be down that way spending a few days at our aunt & uncle's lake place. :)