Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life as of late!

We've been very busy lately, so thus the infrequent posts. Lots of activities and things to go to here, plus trying to keep up with housework and taking care of my precious little girl!

We recently recieved word that my grandma (mom's mom) was just diagnosed with colon cancer. It was quite a surprise to all of us, as grandma has always been so healthy and full of life. The doctors say that it's incurable and they will be begining chemo soon. Because of all that, my family as well as Victor, Hannah and I will be traveling up to Iowa next week where we'll spend some time with my Grandma and Grandpa. Please pray for us that we will be a blessing to them, and also that we will have a safe trip. Also pray for my grandparents and they recieve and process this news.

I'm going to try to post soon about Hannah. I meant to on Friday, since that was her four month birthday, but life got away from me.

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Lady Ruth Ann said...

Bethany - I hope that y'all have a safe trip and are able to minister to, bless and encourage your grandmother. That has to be a difficult time. Thanks for letting us know - I'll pray for you!

~ Ruth Ann