Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jehovah Jireh - The Lord will provide.

Ever since Victor and I have set our faces toward the mission field, God has provided in miraculous ways time and time again. It's amazing to watch Him work. Wether it's gifts given to us by individuals or churches, or a gift of 10,000 given to help us in start up once we get over there.

But there's also the little things. Victor and I have been talking about going to get some new clothes for Hannah, as she is quickly outgrowing the biggest size we have right now. It happens so quickly, that sometimes you don't realize it until it's a need. Anyway, we were talking about going sometime soon, but had been so busy, we weren't able to right away. Besides, the clothes she had still worked, they just wouldn't work for long.

On Sunday, one of the other young mothers in the church with a little girl a few months older than Hannah, asked if I could use some baby clothes that her daughter had outgrown. I said we could and so she brought them to church last night. When we got home, I was amazed to find not just a few outfits, but over 10 REALLY nice outfits that fit her perfect AND 4-5 shirts for me (another need) that fit so nicely.

God is so good... even when we don't think to ask, He still provides for our needs to remind us that He loves us and cares for us. What a blessing to have a Father like that!

One of the outfits from Katie!


Mrs. Walker said...

Your baby girl is so beautiful! How wonderful it is to see that the Lord is continuing to provide for you and your family.

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Praise the Lord!!
What a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing. Hannah is growing up so fast, and is such a cutie-pie. Enjoy these moments!! :)

The Couch Family said...

WOW!!! What a blessing!!!