Thursday, April 17, 2008

Final boarding call for the coupon train...

For those interested in the coupon train this is the final call for "all aboard". The train will be starting out on Monday and will make over 30 stops before it returns home. Just a couple quick rules before we start.

1. There must be AT LEAST 25 coupons in the envelope at all times. You are more than welcome to add more than that, but when you send it out, it must have no less than 25 coupons.

2. Please no animal coupons. This includes food, treats, toys, etc. Many of us do not have pets and thus it would not be useful to most of us.

3. Do not include store specific coupons (Target, Walgreens, etc.) as many will not have those exact stores. You can include online coupons as long as they are manufacturers coupons.

4. When you get the envelope in the mail, please try to have it out within 2 days of recieving it so we keep it going.

5. When you pass the envelope on, be sure and email me to let me know. That way I can email the next person, let them know it's coming and give them the address for the next stop.

If I think of anything more, I'll post. When I send the envelope on it's way on Monday, I'll post a picture of the envelope so you can copy that when you send it out and everyone will recognize it when they get it. So check back here on Monday.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Until later...


Kim Marquart said...

Getting excited..Have you ever thought with so many to have another car on the train?? Meaning if there are 30 when #15 gets their car, another car goes out. Car= envie LOL.
We did this with a sticker train I did and it was AWESOME!!! that way you saw coupons more often or in that case stickers he he
Just a thought. You need help HOLLA!!

Victor and Bethany Maxson said...

Hey Kim,
Great idea. I had actually thought about doing two trains only one would start at the top and the other at the bottom. That way, you would get different types of coupons from different people and the ones at the end of the list wouldn't have to wait as long. We'll see if I can do that:)