Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quick update...

Just wanted to bring you all up-to-date. We've been pretty busy lately, and thus the lack of posts. Right now we're at my parents house, and though many of you have told me how much you like pictures, the connection is REALLY slow and I can't post pictures right now. We'll just have to wait till we move to Florida.

So... what have we been up to? Well, first let me tell you about the rest of our trip to Florida. After we left my Aunt's house, we went to stay with some friends of ours in Jacksonville. They are a sweet couple who had just gotten married about a month earlier. We really enjoyed our time with them and hope to be able to see them again. Thanks so much Tom and Emily.

While staying with them, we went to Collins Road Baptist Church. There Victor was able to present the work and many were positive about it.

Monday, we drove to visit Victor's grandparents in Carrabelle. They are so sweet, and I really enjoyed meeting them (and they enjoyed meeting Hannah and I for the first time).

Tuesday, we drove on to Pensacola to visit with the people at Mt. Zion. The next day, we were able to spend the day going to the beach and relaxing as well as getting reorganized and doing some laundry so that we wouldn't have it to do when we got home. That night, we went to Mt. Zion Bible church. The people there are sweet and we enjoyed the fellowship.

Thursday we left very early in the morning and got in twelve hours of driving and got home. Friday we started packing and cleaning and kept doing that until the following Wednesday when we moved into my parents house into the family room.

Ever since then, we've been running here and there doing a million things it seems. Life is going at such a quick rate of speed. We have two churches lined up to visit here before we head to Florida on the 31st of March.

Once there, Victor has work lined up and we have housing. We'll be staying there for about 6-7 months before, Lord willing, heading to Malawi to join Victor's family.

So... I think that brings everyone up to date. Sorry for the slowness of my posting. I'll try to be better.



Lady Ruth Ann said...

thanks for the update Bethany! Sounds like you are staying very busy, but God is providing! Praise the Lord!

Talk to you soon...
Ruth Ann

Anonymous said...

I am a Malawian and Baptist. I know your heart is serious about helping the Church in Malawi but I feel it's wrong to say that the Baptist Church here (nation-wide) is not holding true to the true Gospel of Grace. Beware of generalizations, especially on the web where we can all access them. Such statements have been known to isolate missionaries like you. Many of us here have come a long way with the Lord, not to brag, it's very unfair to put down the very churches in which many have come to the Lord, are growing in the Lord, and are now going forth around the world. It's not a matter of conforming to rigourous rules and stipulations, it's all about Jesus, may He teach us all about Himself, whether we are Americans or of the land described to have "mile wide and an inch deep" which by the way, correct me if I'm wrong, is a phrase coined by a missionary, ask a Malawian truly, a born-again Malawian, what the Lord has done for them. They'll coin another phrase.

Victor and Bethany Maxson said...

I appreciate the sincere comment from a friend. I do apologize for the offense received, and will seek to make my statements clearer and more carefully in the future. My statement about the "doctrines of grace" was in reference to Reformed truth, which teaches God's sovereignty over salvation. I should have made that clearer. I must also state that I do respect Malawian believers and churches who are following Christ in truth, and rejoice that I have met one of them by means of our blog! My report should have been more balanced and considerate. Please forgive me. If you would like, send us an email to so we can get to know you better. We would love that!