Thursday, December 20, 2007

Input requested...

Dear Blog readers,
I'm working on putting together a "home management organization" notebook and would like your input.

Here is a list of things I plan to include:
-Year-at-a-glance calander
-"Keeping your home neat and tidy" tips (this would include organization ideas)
- Borrowed/loaned records
- Shopping lists
- Empty menus for each week
- Home repair/cleaning lists
- Items needed to be bought
- Errands to run
- Appointment list for each month
- Special events/birthday lists
- Cards to send/gifts to give
- Extra note pages
- Bible reading chart that we use as a family
- Prayer lists
- Bible memory lists
- Addresses
- Idea sheets
-Money making
-To-Do online sheets

Now... any ideas on how to organize, other sections to add, sites I can get free sheets already made up, etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


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