Thursday, November 8, 2007

A life well lived...

I am enjoying the blessing of accompanying my husband at work today. It's pretty empty in the office compared to normal. Most of the staff is gone attending a funeral for an employee of Vision Forum.

Something was different today from the moment we walked in the door. Usually we would see Michael Billings at his desk with a smile and "Good morning". But... he wasn't there this morning. In fact, he won't be there any more.

Sunday afternoon, Michael was returning from a conference in Dallas and was broadsided and killed instantly. The shock to everyone was incredible. He was only 19 and seemed to hold so much promise. He was known to many as a very humble, God fearing man. In fact, there have been quite a few posts over the last few days in honor of this strong but humble man. They express what so many of us feel. Here are just a few of them:

Doug Phillips

Crystal Paine

Nathaniel Darnell

Caleb Hayden

Michelle Elliot

Please remember this family as well as the Vision Forum staff during this time. Many are missing him quite dearly and only the grace of God will heal the pain.


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Anonymous said...

So sad. We know of the Billings family - they live in this area and the funeral was held about 20 minutes from where we live here in MO. We are praying for all of you - Anna