Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thoughtful Thursdays

I think this is going to be a fun day to do. First before I give you some ideas I found, I want to tell you about a really neat e-magazine I found titled Seasonal Delights. Just go to and you can sign up and then download the magazine free through the end of September. I did this, and it's chock full of neat ideas of different things you can do to make fall a special season. It's worth checking out...

OK, now on to some neat gift ideas that I found. These are gift ideas that can be done for free. Their "specialness" is found in the thought that is placed behind the gift.

1. Give them breakfast in bed.
2. Print them off a handmade coupon for a back massage.
3. Cook a special dinner for a friend or loved one.
4. Give someone a special day of pampering.
5. Write a poem or a quote in honor of someone's birthday.
6. Clip the coupons from Sunday's paper and mail them in a card to a frugal shopper.
7. Create a gift voucher for one hour of doing whatever they want.
8. Weed their garden for them or rake their lawn.
9. Give them a hug.
10. Light a candle and run a warm bath for that special person.
11. Send an e-card or online greeting.
12. Print off information on a topic of interest to someone.
13. Pass along a family heirloom or something that has sentimental value.
14. Surprise someone with a picnic using food that you already have on hand.
15. Give them a seedling to grow using one of your own plants.
16. Make cookies or fudge and wrap them in tissue paper.
17. Send an e-mail that lists out the reasons why they are special or why you love them.
18. Sew together pieces of old clothing for a truly unique table runner or quilt.
19. Give them an old photograph that has been tucked away for some time.
20. Create a hobby scrapbook with images, articles and tidbits about their favorite activity

So there you have it... 20 ideas for giving a gift that will mean alot, but won't cost you much.

If you have a gift idea, feel free to post it in the comments, or send it to me at


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bethany! Those are some really good ideas. :) Have a great day, Ruth Ann

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Looking foward to hear what Baby Maxson is! :-)