Monday, September 17, 2007

Musical Monday's

Sorry I've been so bad about posting. It's been a busy time for us... Hopefully I'll be better this week...

Last week I was looking for some good music to buy and ordered a CD from It's titled 30 Classical Hymns. You can find it at used (it says used, but mine was brand new) for 0.01 plus 2.99 shipping. I'm really enjoying it. It's a mix of soft, gentle hymns and a few "spiritual" style songs. I tried to find a place where you could hear clips of it, but wasn't able to find any.

Some of the songs include:
~Amazing Grace
~He's got the whole world in His hands
~How great Thou art
~Rock of ages
~And many more!!

I hope you'll enjoy this CD as much as I did!


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Anonymous said...

Oh Bethany, don't worry. We love hearing what you have to share, but don't let something like blogging (or the lack of it) bother you...I'm sure you've been doing more important things, with home and family. Thanks for posting, I always enjoy seeing what you post. What you came up with for your 'blog schedule' was simply a schedule - not a list of rules you have to follow...just a guideline for when you do have the time!! To God Be all the Glory, Ruth Ann :)