Monday, August 6, 2007

A bit of this and that...

Just a quick update. We're doing well and settling in nicely. I'm LOVING my new home and seem to have a whole lot more energy and feel better. What a blessing.

We had my midwife appointment this past Saturday and heard a strong heartbeat. What a blessing!! Also, the midwife commented on how active the little one was. I could feel them though, so I knew they were active!!

Next appointment, we're hoping to get a sonogram to see our little one, find out the gender (Lord Willing:) and possibly see two little ones. We're not sure and I'm dying to know for sure. Some things have pointed to twins, but we have no conclusive evidence. So... we wait.

I'm also enjoying being about 5 miles from my family. I've been able to see them and spend a good deal more time with them, which I'm really enjoying.

Well, I need to close and get a few more things done before I start dinner. But before I do, I'll try and post some pictures from our apartment flood:)


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Susan said...

Hey, it's great to come here and see how y'all are doing. You know I'm due right around the time you are, I think like a day before. We're suppose to find out what the baby is next week and can't wait!! I'm sure y'all must be really excited and we'll look forward to hearing the news of whether it's one or two. :)