Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A long-overdue post...

Well, I think it's time I posted about the wedding. Many of you have asked me to do that, and I just haven't had the time or energy. But... since yesterday was our one month anniversary, I think it's time for me to post!

Let's see... where to begin? The weeks and months leading up to the wedding itself, were very busy times. So many people pitched in to help and get everything ready, but it really came down to the last minute prep in the last week.

Thankfully, VF gave Victor the last week before the wedding off. That was helpful, as he was able to get our apartment set up, as well as spend some extra time with me and his family. The last week was a whirlwind of activity around our house and the church. I ended up going into town almost everyday to get something or go meet someone, etc.

On Thursday and Friday before the wedding, many of the guests began to arrive. My grandparents drove in Thursday afternoon, as well as the Saint family. Mr. and Mrs. Saint took Victor and I out to the Riverwalk for dinner on Thursday night. We REALLY enjoyed our time with them, as they are long time mutual friends of Victor and mine. Friday, the business escalated. We arrived at the church early to start work on baking, making food, decorating and the many other things that needed to be done. I left the cooking/baking to mom and Angie and I went about cleaning and decorating the church and fellowship hall. Quite a few people had offered to help, but I found it easier just to do it myself (since I wasn't even totally sure what I wanted:).

As the day progressed, I made pretty good progress. Around mid-afternoon, I got a call from Mr. Maxson informing me that Victor had injured his back some how and was pretty much bed-ridden. He asked for prayer, which I relayed to my family and a few close friends I was working with. After talking to one of the ladies at church she gave some advice for what might help. I called and relayed that to Mr. Maxson, and we discovered that I had the medicine but they didn't. Too bad, I'd just have to go take it to them:) I called home (I had been dropped off at the church and had no means of transportation) and asked them to come pick me up so I could go home and get one of the cars and take it to the house where the Maxson's were staying. John (my older brother) came to pick me up, and offered to just take me to the house instead of taking me home. He did that, and when I arrived at the house, Victor came walking out to meet me looking like he was in pain. I gave him the medicine, and he said he was feeling a bit better, and thought he'd be able to make it to the rehearsal that night.

We talked for a little while and said "hi" to Ben and Kim (Victor's brother and his wife) who had just gotten in that day, and then we headed back for home. Once home, I rushed around to try and get everything I would need for that night and get ready. Everyone else left, and I told them to go ahead and start the meal if I was a bit late. I'm not sure why I said that though, cause I knew they wouldn't start without the bride:)

I finally got everything together and Angie and I headed for the church. Once I got there, everyone was standing outside waiting (I guess). I was a little late, but they said that wasn't why they were waiting (I think they were just being sweet). Victor introduced me to his grandparents and Uncle, and I said Hi to my Aunt and Uncle who had just gotten in that afternoon.

The meal was wonderful. A lady in our church had cateered it, and it was delicious. After the meal, we headed over to the church for the rehearsal. Everything went pretty smoothly. The guys had a little too much fun, and made me a little nervous about the real thing, but they promised to be good in the real wedding:) Victor's back was still a little stiff, but he was able to make it through the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, most everybody left to go home and get a good nights sleep. Everyone that is except Angie, Ruth and I. We had a few last minute details we needed to see to before we could go home. Once home, I made sure I had everything packed for the honeymoon and then hit the bed exhausted.

The next morning, Mom, Caleb and I headed up to the church at 9:00 to start getting things ready. I saw to some last minute details and then headed over to the church, where I spent some time playing the piano in the quiet sanctuary. It was so peaceful and really helped to give me a good start on the "big" day. That's where Victor found me, and we spent some time together in prayer commiting this day and the rest of our lives into the service of our Savior. It was a beautiful moment that helped us turn our eyes back to the one who had brought us to this day.

After praying together, we visited with some family and close friends who had come a little early. Once 10:30 came, I was summoned to the dressing room and said goodbye to Victor.

We girls used the nursery as our dressing room, and we had everything you could imagine in there. The little girls weren't there yet, but the older ones were. I had asked our pastor's daughter to do hair and make-up, so she was already there doing that. As the morning slipped away, I got a little nervous. The little flower girls hadn't arrived yet, the bouquets hadn't gotten here either. Angie and I made a few phone calls though, and soon everything was on it's way.

Victor and I had fun calling each other on our cell phones to work out details as well as sending little love notes back and forth by means of siblings.

The flowers arrived, and I discovered that I had made a mistake. Originally, I had planned for the three youngest girls to be flower girls. Thus I only had asked for two bouquets for the two Jr. bridesmaids. Later on, though, I had changed my mind and decided to have only Victors little sister be the flower girl. One small problem... I forgot to tell the lady who was making our bouquets. So... to make a long story short, I sent Angie over to get some white tin pails that I was using for decorations in the Fellowship hall, and she brought those over, and Kim used some ribbon and a hot glue gun and made them look really cute!! So, we avoided a problem. I just had to tell the little girls that they would be flower girls after all and we switched up the ceremony order just a little:)

Things continued to go well and the morning progressed. All the girls were ready and I checked in with the guys who were just about ready as well. We didn't end up taking pictures before, because we were a little later than we had planned in getting ready. But that was OK. While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin, Beall Phillips came in to say hi, and made a comment about how calm I was. That was totally owed to the grace of God. He really gave me a peace and contentment where I just decided that if something went wrong, it was OK. As long as God's name was glorified, I would be happy.

A few more small bumps were passed, and soon it was time for the wedding ceremony. As far as I'm concerned, everything went well and before I knew it, Victor was kissing me for the first time and we were out of the sanctuary.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. Pictures were taken, the reception was had, and very quickly, we were on our way to South Padre Island for our honeymoon!!

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Deborah Lynn Zamora said...

Thanks for leaving this post, Beth! It was particularly special to me because I was there in the background on your wedding day. So as I sat reading your post, I would nod every few moments remembering when you and Vic prayed together with Joy watching...the flower girls being late...the little love notes and phone calls...the flowers, tin pails, and Kim's quick fix...and all the other little things that happened that made the day unique. I was very blessed by your calmness on that day, and pray, that should God ever bless me with marrige I hold up as well as you did! It only goes to show that little things aren't what matter. It's what you have in your heart, and the love of your Savior that counts.