Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our trip to Mexico...

Today was our trip to Mexico. We started out the day with a trip to Yummies Cafe, a neat little coffee shop in town. The atmosphere was really pleasant, and the food was good.

After breakfast, we headed into Mexico. It took us about an hour or so to get to the border, and we got through with no problem. After we crossed, we began driving and drove for a little ways without much sucess. Mexico roads (for those who haven't been to Mexico) are a little more difficult and scary than US roads. At one intersection, a little man with a green outfit and wooden cane, stopped us and told us that he was a tourists guide. He offered to take us to the market and keep "you and your little wife safe". He was a real neat guy and we found out over lunch that he is a new believer. He said he used to be a catholic, but is now a christian. He used to drink, but he doesn't anymore.

We had fun learning spanish from him throughout the day. He spoke english pretty well, but had fun teaching us new words. By the end of the day, he was giving driving commands to Victor in spanish only. It was kind of funny.

After lunch, he took us to the shops of some "brothers" who gave us some "good deals". We were able to shop for some souveniors for our families, as well as buy some things for ourselves. Victor bought me a really pretty pair of leather sandals, and a silver heart necklace.

After we finished our shopping, we went to the plaza to get some pictures. I put some on this post. After the plaza, our guide gave us a tour of the city. I was able to get some neat footage with him narrating, as well as some footage of him and Victor bantering back and forth in Spanish:)

Once the tour was over, we dropped him off back at his "office" and then headed to the border. On our way in, I told Victor that everytime I had gone to Mexico, our vehicle had been picked for a random search. Since we got into Mexico without a problem, I didn't think that going out would be a problem. But... sure enough as we went through the check point, the officers told us "your car has been picked by the computer for a random search". We pulled over and got out and opened up the whole car. The officer searched the truck, and then let us go on through.

After we got back to the hotel, we took a little rest before going to Paulino's Italian Restaurant for dinner. It was pretty empty, and we had a quiet dinner to ourselves.

After dinner we went to the nature park at the end of the Island to watch the sunset. It was SO beautiful!! Once the sun set, we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed the lights of the city on the way.

It's been another wonderful day with my beloved!!!

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maxsongirls said...

That was so neat to hear about your visit to Mexico! We love you and miss you! Love, your sisters